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Our Services

Church Insurance: We offer a complete line of insurance products for your church and church related needs. Included in our package of coverage you will find insurance for: General Liability, including Sexual Misconduct; Pastoral Counseling; and Treasury Fidelity Bonds. Volunteers of the church are also included, should they suffer an injury. We also provide coverage for church vehicles, the parsonage for the pastor, and Worker Compensation for all church employees.

Home / Auto Insurance: You will find a full range of products as well as several different companies for coverage just as in the church area. We check all of our markets at time of quoting so that we can assure you of the proper coverage and company to cover your home, contents, antiques, autos, snowmobiles, boats, etc. Discounts are available for newer homes, dead bolt locks, combined policy (auto & home,) non smoker / non drinker, and others. We can even bill your mortgage company in cases of escrow accounts.

Business Insurance: Like the church coverage listed above, we provide the same array of coverage for businesses of all sizes. From the small, one man shop, to companies of 100 or more, we can help design a program tailored to your individual needs.

Life & Health: For individuals or businesses, we can provide the benefit plan you need for today’s changing times. Unfortunately, the cost of this coverage seems to be going out of control - to the point of National Health Care bills being introduced to Congress. Fortunately, whatever the Government's position, or yours, we can help with this ever increasing aspect of your portfolio.