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Helpful Tips

Bike Helmets

A helmet can significantly reduce the danger of head injury to a cyclist, but to be effective, it must fit properly and be worn as instructed by the manufacturer.

The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute offers these guidelines to finding the best helmet for your needs:

Look for a Snell, ASTM/SEI or CPSC sticker inside to ensure the helmet meets U.S. safety standards for impact performance and strap strength.

Check the buckle for long-term durability.

Look for air vents and sweat control pads.

Choose the brightest color for best visibility.

TRY IT ON. Fasten the straps and test its resistance. If it slips, adjust the straps or try another helmet. The helmet should sit level on the head and cover as much of it as possible. BHSI recommends purchasing your first helmet at a bike shop where clerks can help you make the best selection. Expect to pay about $20 or more. Good quality helmets can, however, be had at discount stores for as little as $10.

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