About US

Our Mission & Philosophy


We believe in God and that all our effort in this life should be aimed at glorifying Him. We believe in the insurance industry, its future, and the Independent Agent as the instrument by which people receive maximum benefit.


Service is our principal focus.


 We serve local families on a total account basis for all lines of insurance.


 We strive for maximum professional growth and development of each of our employees to provide not only rewarding employment, but also the best possible advice to our clients before and after the sale.


 We will pursue prompt, courteous and error free responses on all processing of requests and transactions.


 We will pursue equitable resolution of all claims, always at least as vigorously as the original sale.


 We will seek profitability through growth, but never by compromising our primary commitment to serve.


 We are confident this will result in a stable organization committed to the best possible service with mutual satisfaction and profitability for all involved. This will be accomplished through the framework of sound management principals and business ethics, with Christian concern in all relationships.


We believe the following groups have distinct rights: 1st the public; 2nd the companies we represent; 3rd our families and 4th our community and competitors. It is our intention to operate with concern and respect for the long-term interest of all these groups.



We pledge to serve the public by:
Properly analyzing their insurance needs
Providing a better understanding of insurance
Providing fast equitable claims service
Providing prompt processing of requests, transactions etc.
Using only financially sound companies



We pledge to serve our companies by:
Respecting the authority they have given to us
Not withholding or giving them partial information
Insuring only quality risks
Giving them the same respect we show our clients



We pledge to serve our families by:
Providing them a stable, balanced environment
Not sacrificing them for our jobs
Being committed to giving them a quality standard of living



We pledge to serve our community by:
Making no false statements or misrepresentations
Treating all competitors fairly
Competing honorably



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